Crowdsourcing Wage Pledge

Data Protection Statement

Version 8 August 2021


Responsible for data processing

Michael "Six" Silberman
328-329 Upper Street
London N12XQ

The preferred method of contact is email.


1  General

When you access any page on this website, the following potentially personal data are saved on our server:

(1) Your IP address

(2) The time and date you accessed the site

(3) Information about your web browser (the "User-Agent" string)

These data are used only for purposes relating to the technical functioning and maintenance of this website. They will not be shared with any third party for any purpose. They will not be stored for more than two years.

2  Cookies

Cookies are used on this website only for the purpose of allowing users to register, log in, and administer information about their pledges.

If you do not create an account on this website and sign in, this website will not serve you any cookies.

If you create an account on this website, cookies will be used to allow you to log in and administer your information. It is not possible to facilitate this interaction without cookies.

No non-essential cookies are used on this website.

3  SSL

All pages on this website are served via SSL/HTTPS.

4  Data submitted by you

This website makes it possible for you to upload data, such as your contact information and information about projects you are operating on crowdsourcing platforms.

The legal basis for the collection and processing of this data with respect to users in the EU is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a GDPR (data subject's consent).

5  Your rights

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GPPR) provides users of this website located in the EU with specific rights with respect to their personal data.

Users in other locations with similar data protection regulation, such the United Kingdom and California, may have similar rights.

The rights of users in the EU are provided by Articles 13 through 22 (Sections 2 through 4) of GDPR and are as follows:

The relevant supervisory authority for users located in the EU is the user's local supervisory authority.


This data protection statement may be updated occasionally to reflect changes to the website and/or new legal developments.